Indeed, the madness continues from last week Tuesday when I had my post on the first installment of SPUD, the boy who went to boardingschool in South Africa and who kept a diary. The first SPUD was about the year 1990 (and the political changes in South Africa), the second installment is set in 1991. … Continue reading Review SPUD THE MADNESS CONTINUES ….

Review SPUD

Once I accompanied a young boy to his boardingschool in South Africa. A new term had started and he was looking forward to his days at school. There was a distant recollection of the days when I was a Housemaster. When I asked him what kind of books he did read at school, he replied … Continue reading Review SPUD

the end of a bookshop

Last Saturday I passed by a bookshop that is about to be closed due to financial problems. I noticed signs announcing ‘50% discount’. This temptation I could not resist. Men of a certain age were scrummaging through boxes and shelves. Their hands at the ready. Was this the book they had longed for during so … Continue reading the end of a bookshop