Justin Cartwright, Lauded South African Expatriate Novelist, Dies at 75

Justin Cartwright passed away in London. London as the capital of the United Kingdom. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He wrote travelling in his mind from  South Africa to the United Kingdom and back again. In this obituary you will read more about Justin and his books. 

interview with justin cartwright

He left South Africa and he is now settled in London, the one in England. He was born and bred in the very south of the continent. Justin Cartwright (1945) has been in advertising and in film and in politics he made a name for himself for his broadcasts about political parties and elections. In … Continue reading interview with justin cartwright

nobel laureate nadine gordimer

This interview took place in 2012. One writer and another writer talk. The parts are divided clearly. The asker and the answerer.  Gordimer talks about her life and her fear and of never being afraid. About disappointments, about promises undelivered. The frail lady of the word.