insolence, exile , and the kingdom

Sometimes a book makes a slow start. It is published, but hardly anyone notices the book. Maybe it is due to the publishing house, due to the publicity, or lack of it, due to a perceived obscurity of the place and/or the writer.  Then a larger publishing house takes over and the book is gathering … Continue reading insolence, exile , and the kingdom

l’algerien kamel daoud remporte

The Algerian writer Kamel Daoud has been struggling with the other Algerian writer Albert camus. One of the results of this struggle is his book Meursault, contre-enquête. This novel now has received a prestigious literary prize in France, the Prix Goncourt.

does kamel daoud need

It is clear that the majority of books written in non-English have not been translated into English. It seems that in bookshops in England you will hardly find a non-English writer that lives and works outside this country. There is a world to win for publishers and readers. PEN encourages translations with its ‘PEN Promotes … Continue reading does kamel daoud need