algérie: des artistes en quête

There is a problem in Algeria. A muslim cleric has uttered a fatwah because the writer Kamel Daoud has said and written things that according to the cleric show his apostasy. Algerians have asked the government to intervene.  The Algerian government is not always on good speaking terms with writers, e.g. the books by Boualem … Continue reading algérie: des artistes en quête

near miss for algeria’s

Last week I bought a secondhand book written by Albert Camus. I had thrown away my previous copy. I did not realise at the time that Camus was strongly rooted in Algeria. To me Camus was linked to France, existantialism, Sartre. I have to catch up with the North African writing scene, that is for … Continue reading near miss for algeria’s

ein nobelpreisträger wird korrigiert

I never came across his name in a list of African writers who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Still the writer Albert Camus was born in Africa, in Algeria to be precise, to be more precise in Mondovi (now Dréan). Two years ago the local authorities placed a plaque at the house where he … Continue reading ein nobelpreisträger wird korrigiert