kwêla: vlam in die sneeu

The fire is visible in the snow. The heat is on and what will happen to the snow? Will it survive? The letters and notes and telegrams that have been travelling between André Brink and Ingrid Jonker have been published. The widow of Brink talks about this publication.

flame in the snow

This might be called a labour of love, translating the correspondence between Ingrid Jonker and André Brink, both from South Africa. Between the years 1963 – 1965 they loved and they wrote. Karin Schimke translated the letters from Ingrid Jonker into English; the same change of language was done by Leon de Kock for the … Continue reading flame in the snow

white with anger

Here is another voice on the events that happened at the Franschhoek Litearary Festival (South Africa). Is this festival a whites only festival? No, it is not. But is it a festival that is mainly attened by white folks? By what kind of panellists? What are the other activities of the Festival in promoting reading … Continue reading white with anger

karin schimke on

Just the other day she received the Ingrid Jonker Prize. A poetry prize for her debut Bare & Breaking.  In a way the poems should speak for themselves, but it is nice to get to know the poet, Karin Schimke, a bit better. She was interviewed by Carine Janse van Rensburg.  

ingrid jonker award ceremony speech

The poet Karin Schimke received the Ingrid Jonker Award for her book of poetry. Ingrid Jonker was a famous South African poet. Mandela used one of her poems in one of his keynote speeches.  Karin was allowed to say a few words as a way of saying ‘thank you’. She does not speech in the … Continue reading ingrid jonker award ceremony speech

karin schimke wins 2014

She walked into the open sea. She never came back, alive. A life tormented. A young life. A broken relationship with her father, a politician in the days of apartheid. Nelson Mandela quoted one of her poems. Her name is Ingrid Jonker, she tuned words into poetry. A few years ago I saw a documentary … Continue reading karin schimke wins 2014