The Fifth Mrs Brink: An interview

They met for the first time at an airport in Austria. André Brink was the famous writer and Karina Szczurek picked him from the airport. The meeting ended in a love affair, that moved on into a marriage, till André passed away on a plane, bringing him back to South Africa. Now his widow has written … Continue reading The Fifth Mrs Brink: An interview

the secret love letters of ingrid jonker

They have been set in the light of the literary world and the wider world. The letters and notes and messages that passed between the South African writers André Brink and Ingrid Jonker. Letters of Love. Letters of despair and searching. Letters of reaching out and withdrawing. These ‘postillion d’amour’ pieces have been published now. … Continue reading the secret love letters of ingrid jonker

the heart has spaces

A relationship in words and poems and stories. The relationship between novelist André Brink and poet Ingrid Jonker was stormy. Many letters and notes and telegraphs flowed back and fro.  It all has been put on pages and surrounded by a cover. Karina, the widow of André Brink, writes about this spacious heart.

kwêla: vlam in die sneeu

The fire is visible in the snow. The heat is on and what will happen to the snow? Will it survive? The letters and notes and telegrams that have been travelling between André Brink and Ingrid Jonker have been published. The widow of Brink talks about this publication.