mrs. obama’s garden

Here you will find two short stories written by Karina M. Szczurek. You can read them in easy chair. You can read them in your pyjamas/pajamas. But when you read them in your pyjamas/pajamas, please publish a selfie, doing so.  Have a good read.  By the way, did you know the word pajama is from Persian … Continue reading mrs. obama’s garden

a letter to madiba

He passed away recently. Praises flow like oceans. Here is one of the voices. An honest voice. A deliberate voice. Praise and criticism. Handed out with a personal attachment to Nelson Mandela.  André Brink wrote a personal letter (in public) to Madiba. 

karina magdalena talks about the books

Some books do travel. Some in holiday suitcases. Some in awesome rugsacks. Some in deep pockets. Some in speeding trains. Others in overloaded buses. Others in heavyweight planes. Others travel wherever you go because you carry them in your heart and mind.  Karina Magdalena Szczurek tells about about the books she has carried along, one … Continue reading karina magdalena talks about the books