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BY THE BOOK: Carey Baraka

Carey Baraka is a writer from Kisumu, Kenya. He is a founding editor and member of Enkare Review. PHOTO| COURTESY

Here is another episode highlighting writers from Africa, especially those from Kenya. This time Carey Baraka is thinking about answers and he expresses his answers, e.g. on his favourite books when he was still in his younger years. 


Hardly Working: A Travel Memoir of Sorts by Zukiswa Wanner

Hardly Working: A Travel Memoir of Sorts by Zukiswa Wanner

Zukiswa Wanner has roots: Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Kenya. She fortified and strengthened her roots while travelling with her partner and son. This journey across borders and in time resulted in a book. Read more about this book here

BY THE BOOK: Gladys Situma

This is another episode of the series on meetings with writers. This time we meet the Kenyan writer Gladys Situma. She active on blogs and writes about lifestyle and related issues.  Read more about her love of books and her writing activities here

Gladys Situma is a Nairobi-based business and lifestyle blogger who is passionate about writing. PHOTO| COURTESY



This is a bit complicated. At this place you will find a short story in a language that I do not understand. It is one of the many languages that are spoken and written and read in Nigeria. The story has been written by Gloria Mwaniga Minage, who is not Nigerian, but Kenyan, from the area of Baringo. 

Have a try at this story and maybe you can tell me what language this is.

I can only tell this lady from Baringo : Kongoi.

At 80, Ngugi is proof that literature really matters

The celebrated Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o has turned 80, earlier this month. A long life in service to literature and the Kenyan people. Bukenya writes in this article about the importance of the work of Ngugi and his first encounter (of sorts) with Ngugi when he saw a play written by Ngugi being performed in Uganda in 1962!


BY THE BOOK: Ndinda Kioko

This series BY THE BOOK features young and promising writers. Some have published a book, others a collection of poetry, some have published short stories in magazines. Ndinda Kioko hails from Kenya, has written several published short stories. At the moment she stays in the United States of America where she hones her creative writing skills. Read the questions and her answers here.

Ndinda Kioko is a Kenyan writer who was listed and published in the Africa39 project, a selection of 39 writers under the age of 40 from Africa. PHOTO| COURTESY


The in-between world of little-known book editors

You read a book and might think that the name on the cover is the name of the person who wrote the book, from the first word till the last word. The writer who wrote it all. The writer managed to come up with all the ideas, the structure, the plot etcetera. 

If you want to believe, there is no problem, just keep on reading the book you are reading.

There is a mysterious person in the book world. It is an editor. This editor looks at manuscripts, by longstanding writers, by aspiring writers. The editor makes comments, proposes improvements, suggests to skip this or that passage, or even both passages. The editor looks at the continuity of the story.

In this article you read more about the mysterious editorsEditors shape up and clean all the manuscripts