Ngugi wa Thiong’o set to release latest Gikuyu book

Another one is coming, ready to be published,m ready to be read. Another book by the master who is getting close to the Nobel Prize for Literature (according to the pundits and the bookmakers). This book has been written in the mother tongue and the fathertongue of Ngugi. In this article you will more about … Continue reading Ngugi wa Thiong’o set to release latest Gikuyu book

BY THE BOOK: Doreen Eshinali Khamala

She lives in Nairobi and she writes. Her name is Doreen Eshinali Khamala is a writer from Nairobi, Kenya. In March 2018 she published her second book. Her first one was about growing up and life at different schools. In this interview she talks about her favourite books and books that have accompanied her. 

The Shortlist

The names on the shortlist of the 2018 edition of The Cain Prize have been made known. The writers come from Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. This is not a great surprise, for it seems that these countries have the liveliest literary scene in Africa. One of the Nigerian writers lives in Chicago (USA) and … Continue reading The Shortlist

BY THE BOOK: Moraa Gitaa

This time in BY THE BOOK it is Kenya writer Moraa Gitaa. Some of the writers in this series are at the doorstep of a writing career, but the writer Moraa already has entered the House of Books and settled in one of the many rooms with her books and other publications. In this article … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Moraa Gitaa