‘Failure to bag a PhD led me to creative writing’

An unfulfilled desire can lead to another track in your life. The Sudanese / Egyptian writer Leila Aboulela. She studied abroad and wanted to move on to a Ph.D. in Statistics, her Masters was a first step. But she ended up with less figures and more words. Her life as a writer started. In this … Continue reading ‘Failure to bag a PhD led me to creative writing’

Leila Aboulela

The writer Leila Aboulela is an intercultural writer. She was raised in an Egyptian / Sudanese family, while living in Khartoum and spending holidays in Egypt. In later years she moved to Scotland where her husband had a job in the oil industry. In this interview she tells about her life and career.   

Book launch party for Elsewhere, Home: Leila Aboulela in conversation with ….

Next month London (in the United Kingdom) will be the venue of a collection of short stories written by Leila Aboulela. At the launch will be another writer. Her name is Chibundu Onuzo and she will ask questions. Have a look at this announcement and make sure you will be there. 

In conversation with author Leila Aboulela

The Sudanese writer Leila Aboulela was present at the 2017 Kaduna Book and Arts Festival, in Northern Nigeria. In the run-up to the festival there were concerns about her presence, should she go or not? I am not sure why there were concerns. Was it about safety? But even Sudan is not the safest place on … Continue reading In conversation with author Leila Aboulela

small wonder

From the north and from the south. Leila Aboulela and Henrietta Rose-Innes will meet in in a place in British East Sussex. The place is called Charleston, but I doubt this place is the origin of that famous dance called ‘ charleston’. But maybe it is the place of small wonders when Leila (from Sudan) … Continue reading small wonder

get inspired with one’s

A magazine prepares for a summer edition. One of the editors, present at the brainstorm session, says: Let’s make a list of books to read during the summer. Let’s make it with an African touch. And this what this magazine did.  Forget that summer is not present everywhere, some people in the very South think … Continue reading get inspired with one’s