book presentation ‘the black napoleon’

The name of Napoleon (the French emperor) is familiar to me. Two hundred years ago he was defeated at the battle of Waterloo (present-day Belgium). But I did not know about a man nicknamed ‘The Black Napoleon’. Next month a novel on this man will be presented. The book has been written by the Dutch-Liberian … Continue reading book presentation ‘the black napoleon’

voices of liberia: vamba sherif

It was a long way from Liberia to The Netherlands, but Vamba Sherif travelled this road over the years. He has settled in the low lands and he writes. He writes about living in the low lands. he speaks about being a stranger in your homeland. His Liberia is never far away.  In his voice … Continue reading voices of liberia: vamba sherif

you speak so well

Franschhoek is not over yet. The Literary Festival in South Africa was put in the limelight by the South African writer Thando Mgqolozana when he spoke out and said he would no longer attend those white literary festivals. At the very moment he pronounced these words cowdung was flying around and others joined the fray.  … Continue reading you speak so well

saah millimono’s award-winning

The civil war in Liberia left many scars in the hearts and minds and bodies of people in Liberia. Freedom does not come easy in this country.  A love story in a civil war? It is possible. At least on the pages of a book, written by Saah Millimono. He wrote the book ‘Boy Interrupted’. … Continue reading saah millimono’s award-winning