In Conversation with Hisham Matar

The followers of this blog who live in Washington (The United States of America) will have the opportunity to meet the writer Hisham Matar who will talk about his latest book, concerning the disappearance of his father, a Libyan. The meeting will be moderated by the British writer Aminatta Forna, she will have a moderating … Continue reading In Conversation with Hisham Matar

Libyan writers in danger following attacks on 2017 collection, ‘Sun on Closed Windows’

The political in the North African country Libya is not very good. There is no central authority in the country since the demise of the writer of the little green book. Other writers have entered the state of disarray since militia have taken over different parts of the country. In this article you will find … Continue reading Libyan writers in danger following attacks on 2017 collection, ‘Sun on Closed Windows’

If I wake up at an early hour

What is your idea about the work of a writer? Not the product at the end of a long process, but his day to day work. Will the writer wake up early and sit at the desk, after a frugal breakfast? Will the writer reach his goal of two thousand words a day? Or 50 … Continue reading If I wake up at an early hour


Last week I wrote about a book by Philippe Frey. He travelled through the Sahara from east till west. He is an experienced desert-traveller. Today I will take you on a journey with two unexperienced desert travellers. These two are the writer of this book: Mathieu Berden (1909 – 1986) and his friend Herman Steylen … Continue reading JOURNAAL VAN EEN WOESTIJNREIZIGER


The Libyan wrtiter Ibrahimn al-Koni (1948) has become a wellknown name. His name appears on list, short and long. He was born in the desert that is available in his country of birth, but many years he lived outside his country of birth, even outside the continent of his birth. He studied and worked in … Continue reading NAZIEF AL-HADJAR