The Shortlist

The names on the shortlist of the 2018 edition of The Cain Prize have been made known. The writers come from Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. This is not a great surprise, for it seems that these countries have the liveliest literary scene in Africa. One of the Nigerian writers lives in Chicago (USA) and … Continue reading The Shortlist

African duo win international literary award

One of the many literary prizes connected to the African continent is the Children’s Africana Book Award. Every year this prize is awarded. Previous winner include the South African bishop Desmond Tutu. The prize originates in the United States of America. This year the prize is awarded to the book Grandma’s List. This book has been … Continue reading African duo win international literary award

Nigerian wins Brunel African poetry prize

More than one thousand people thought it was a good idea to participate in the Brunel International African Poetry Prize. They wrote a poem or even poems or dug into their archives and made sure they send it to the given address. The results have been made known and one of the joint winners is … Continue reading Nigerian wins Brunel African poetry prize

Wenners van die 2018 UJ-pryse bekend!

The University of Johannesburg has made known the names of the winners of the prizes that it awards every year. One prize for a debut and one other prize. The debut prize has been given to a collection of poetry, written by Jolyn Phillips. The other one goes to .. Just go to this article … Continue reading Wenners van die 2018 UJ-pryse bekend!

Khadija Abdalla Bajaber is the first winner of the Graywolf Press Africa Prize

There seems to be no end to handing out literary prizes on the African continent. Now the Graywolf Press (a collective of stakeholders in the literary world), based in Lagos Nigeria, has made know the winner of the Graywolf Press African Prize. In this article you will find more about this Kenyan winner.

The 2017 ACT Award results

Next month the final result will be out. Just have some patient with the people who make the decision. The longlist had been made known. Now the shortlist follows and next month will the shortest list announced. Be patient, read a book and wait for the news. Do not make a noise, Chika Unighwe is … Continue reading The 2017 ACT Award results