The first time I saw Yasmine was in a garden at a house in Tanzania. The house was owned by a Dutch tv-icon. At his house he received Dutch writers. One of those writers was Yasmine (1967) from Somalia, who left her country after her father had been killed. Idil is the protagonist of this … Continue reading review IDIL, EEN MEISJE

rereading: to kill a

Some books do deserve a reread.  They have made an impact and you want to relive that feeling of shock, of delight, of alienation for a second, or even maybe a third time. It can also happens that you do not want to reread that book, maybe a second reading will not impress you for … Continue reading rereading: to kill a


Vrouwen staan centraal in deze bundel korte verhalen van de Zuidafrikaanse schrijfster Riana Scheepers. Al sinds eeuwen woont haar voorgeslacht (van Gelderse afkomst) in het zuiden van Afrika. Zij is in 1957 in Vryheid, KwaZulu Natal, geboren. Vorig jaar ben ik nog ruim een week in Vryheid geweest. In haar jeugd had zij veel contact … Continue reading review DULLE GRIET

afrabia: is it a mere intellectual fascination

The Kenyan political scientist and novelist and poet Ali Mazrui has published many books. In this article he talks about the size of the continent Africa. When we look at a map we see clearly the borders of the continent. Mazrui writes about changes to these fixed borders. Should the Arab world of the Middle … Continue reading afrabia: is it a mere intellectual fascination