The first edition of this book was published in December 1898. The second edition followed in February 1899. I have a very good copy of the second edition. So over 120 years this book was published. It seems that both the first and second edition each had 2000 copies. Who wrote this book? On the … Continue reading review LIFE OF BISHOP SMYTHIES


On page 259 I saw it with my own eyes. The words: “Ex Africa semper aliquid novi”.  One of the forms in which this famous statement has rolled through history.  But let me start at the beginning. We do not start in Central Africa but in the British university town Cambridge. The explorer and missionary … Continue reading review The HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITIES’ MISSSION TO CENTRAL AFRICA


In my mind David Livingstone is a Scotsman who travelled to the southern parts of Africa, did missionary work, started travelling and writing, sought possibilities for commerce and missionary work. Henry Morton Stanley went to look for him, I presume. After Livingstone’s death he was carried by a few of his most faithful followers to … Continue reading review LIVINGSTONE

Remembering David Rubadiri, the father of East African poetry

I have to admit that I did not know his name. I am just scratching the surface of African literature. A wide subject with depth.  Recently David Rubadiri from Malawi passed away. He made a name for himself and for poetry. In this article you will more about his legacy.  

the clubs shaping malawi’s literary future

Malawi is not present in a prominent way on my blog. It seems the famous writers are coming from other countries, like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt.  Malawi has an interesting activities in a few of the major cities. Writers and others have organized themselves in literary clubs. Let us hope this will give … Continue reading the clubs shaping malawi’s literary future