13 Self-Love Stories About Women Finding Themselves Instead Of “The One”

How important is romance in modern day cinema and in modern day literature? We could give many examples of the romantic inclination of many characters and protagonists in modern art. But there is more. The woman finds a man. A man finds a woman, or all kinds of other possibilities. Also we find women discovering … Continue reading 13 Self-Love Stories About Women Finding Themselves Instead Of “The One”


At an early age Marie wrote a book, consisting of one sentence and covering over a hundred pages. This shows her ability in shaping the language she uses in her books. She is not afraid of long sentences. She is not afraid of complexities. She is not afraid of searching the mind of people, the … Continue reading EN FAMILLE

My heart hemmed in

The French author Marie Ndiaye has published several books and other works of literature. She has Senegalese roots, through her father who is a Senegalese man. She only met her father for the first time when she had reached the age of 15 years. Two years later she published her first book.  Here is part … Continue reading My heart hemmed in


Marie Ndiaye (1967) is a French writer with Senegalese roots, but she was born in the vincinity of Paris, the capital city of France. Already at a young age she started writing and she published many books and plays and short stories. For this book (Trois femmes puissantes), on three Senegalese women, she received the famous … Continue reading TROIS FEMMES PUISSANTES

mutter, lass mich in ruhe eine weisse sein

The matter of identity has been raised before.  When do you become an African writer, not just a writer, but a writer with a (more or less)  specific identity? In this article in the German newspaper DIE WELT we read about a French female author Marie NDiaye. And what are her roots with a Senegalese … Continue reading mutter, lass mich in ruhe eine weisse sein