We meet Coen and Veerle Schippers in their small appartment in the medieval Dutch town of Amersfoort. They live on a meagre income. A few years ago they were the owners of an extensive farm in Zimbabwe, worth over $ 1.000.000. Someone else has taken their farm. When we think of Zimbawe and farmers that … Continue reading review WE MOETEN GAAN


The village of Soekmekaar in South Africa does not exist anymore. The village has had its name changed as a link in a chain of changes in South Africa after dismantling apartheid. The Dutch journalist Marnix de Bruyne visited the village of Soekmekaar for the first time in 1994, just before the national elections. His … Continue reading review HET LAND VAN SOEKMEKAAR

stumbling upon books

Last week we went for a short trip to a riverside town, with roots going back to the days of the Vikings and beyond. We wandered around in the silent streets, accompanied by a drizzling rain. Many shops had inviting displays of artefacts and clothes (in all sizes). Near the main church we stumbled upon … Continue reading stumbling upon books