we have to know each others’ histories

When you forget your past you forget part of yourself. You are rooted in your past, there it is worthwhile to remember your past, to read about your past. Not just about your own personal past, but also the past of the people with whom you do interact. In South Africa with so many different … Continue reading we have to know each others’ histories

the black sash

It all started in the year 1955 in South Africa. An organization by women for a struggle against apartheid was started. All women who were allowed to vote were able to become a member, in practice this meant that only white women could join the organization called Black Sash. A book has been published about … Continue reading the black sash

looking back on the black sash

The history of the struggle against apartheid can not be written without taking into consideration the history of The Black Sash, a women’s organization set to struggle against the apartheid-system in South Africa. The history of this organization, started in 1955, has been written by Mary Burton. Here you find more about her book.