Zuma’s Spooks Are Using Apartheid-Era Tricks

The storm is not over. The winds are still blowing, the news is spreading like wildfire. There are attempts to block the spread of The President’s Keepers by Jacques Pauw. Max du Preez is familiar with attempts to block a publication, that was during the days of apartheid. Not much has changed in the way … Continue reading Zuma’s Spooks Are Using Apartheid-Era Tricks

franschhoek makes me uncomfortable

And on the story goes, sometimes with mudslinging, sometimes with sensible statements, sometimes with extrapolation, sometimes with a focus on reading a good book, by whatever kind of author. It is the story started at Franschhoek Literary Festival about attending or not attending White Literary Festivals (insert any other colour you might prefer).  Max du … Continue reading franschhoek makes me uncomfortable

a cultural weapon?

How independent are journalists? They make a living from their writing. They uphold their families. They have their personal ideas about their topics and wider society. What did happen in the political scene in South Africa and the many decades that passed by? How independent were journalist who worked for the apartheid-press?  A book has … Continue reading a cultural weapon?

citicism of zuma not based

This the next installment in the relationship of the president of South Africa and a writer, with a pen. The name of the president is Zuma and the writer’s name is Max du Preez. What Max wrote was not looked upon kindly. Is it a matter of race? A white man criticizes a black man? … Continue reading citicism of zuma not based

max du preez’s opinion piece racist

It can be hard to listen to the voice of a writer. When he agrees with you and lauds you, you may be pleased. But what about his honest criticism? In a country like South Africa, criticism can easily be taken for racism. That is an easy way out of criticism. You just put your … Continue reading max du preez’s opinion piece racist