Two young Dutch women from Moroccan descent decide to travel from the Rotterdam area in The Netherlands to Morocco. They want to be modern indepent women, not hindered by their traditional families, not hindered by people who watch their every step. Ilham did train in Financial Services and works at a call centre. Thoraya, her … Continue reading review DE DOOD VAN MURAT IDRISSI

In Laila Lalami’s novel, immigrants are fully-realized people—and so are racists

Leaving one’s place. Moving from one town to another town. Leaving one culture and settling in another. One country behind your back and in front of you a new country with new cultures.  For the Rabat-born writer Laila Lalami crossing borders borders has been part of her life. She left Morocco to study in the … Continue reading In Laila Lalami’s novel, immigrants are fully-realized people—and so are racists

Writing and Resistance Today: Abdellah Taïa and Chiké Frankie Edozien

Next Monday evening. Any spare time, while being in New York, not the old York, but the new one? You know, the former New Amsterdam. Two writers with roots in the African continent come to talk about the relationship between writing and resistance. In this invitation you will find more information. 

Packaging Leila Slimani’s ‘The Perfect Nanny’

Writing a book is one thing. To get it published it quite another song. What about the next step of translation and publishing in a different language and culture? Do you have to change the title of your book, not just a translation, but a completely different title? And what about the cover? What kind … Continue reading Packaging Leila Slimani’s ‘The Perfect Nanny’


A Dutch book written by a Morocco-born writer. Her name is Naima el Bezaz. She still had to reach her teens when she travelled with her mother to The Netherlands to join her father.  In this book, her fourth novel, she takes a closer look at herself without calling it an autobiography. The title is: … Continue reading Review of HET GELUKSSYNDROOM