Film on Tafawa Balewa’s book, ‘Shehu Umar’ to premiere in Germany

It has been some moons ago I visited the mausoleum of Sir Tafewa Balawa (1912 – 1966). He was a politician from Northern Nigeria and he was the first elected Prime Minister of Nigeria. He is first and foremost remembered as a politician who found his death during the coup of 1966.  But Tafawa Balewa … Continue reading Film on Tafawa Balewa’s book, ‘Shehu Umar’ to premiere in Germany

hotel des mille collines

Twenty years ago disaster struck Rwanda. A manmade disaster. Thousand upon thousands were slaughtered. Shortly afterwards we met a young man who had fled his country. He was from a Hutu and a Tutsi background. He did not trust anybody. We were outside  from the box he had been living in. We could talk in … Continue reading hotel des mille collines

thandie newton on half of a yellow sun

To me there is a tension between books and filmadaptions of a book. When I read a book I see things happening. I walk with a character. I see the landscapes. I hear voices coming from pages.  An adaption can shatter these experiences. The landscape is different, passage are excluded, other passages were never part … Continue reading thandie newton on half of a yellow sun


Nelson Mandela was able to make contact with people, where others failed. At the center of this book is rugby, 1995 and the World Championships in South Africa. Rugby is the sport of the whites and especially the Afrikaner.  This book describes the way in which Mandela managed to let other groups in the country … Continue reading review PLAYING THE ENEMY