The German politican Gedat (1903 – 1971) travelled through many African countries, just as he had done 15 years earlier. Gedat sees a good future for the African continent, but then it has to be based on christian principles. He hopes that more white people will settle in South Africa. He also sees an important … Continue reading review WAS WIRD AUS DIESEM AFRIKA ?

world press freedom

Today is a day unlike other days. Today we commemmorate or celebrate World Press Freedom. The Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta gave a speech today and urged the media to act responsibly. There has been quite a stir in recent months concerning the freedom of press in this country. There are plans for stiffer penalties for … Continue reading world press freedom

wordweaver launch ‘mama namibia’

To many it is something long forgotten, but the country of Germany did have colonies in Africa. One of those places was the present-day Namibia. The remnants of those occupying days are still visible in Namibia. In the year 1904 there was an uprising from the Herero against the Germans. The Herero were led by … Continue reading wordweaver launch ‘mama namibia’


Tippi of Africa is the remarkable story of a child that born and raised in Nambia, while her parents worked as photographers of the beautiful wildlife in this country and neighbouring countries. So from an early age she grew up together with many wild animals that were lurking around the differen campsites where she stayed … Continue reading review TIPPI OF AFRICA