Jacket Notes: Martha Evans on Speeches that Shaped South Africa

The power of eloquent speeches is still present. Martha Evans has searched for important speeches that have been crucial in the development of South Africa. Names that come to our minds are Nelson Mandela, the reverend Allan Boesak and others. Here you will find more information on this book. 

‘South Africa’s leaders blame Mandela for their own failure’

This is an interview with the man who finished Nelson Mandela’s biography on his presidential years. Mandla Langa finished what Mandela had started. The late president had been unable to finish his literary work due to his hectic schedule, travelling worldwide and meeting so many people. 

The reluctant president

Nelson Mandela, the first post-apartheid president of South Africa, worked on a biography on his presidential years. He did not manage to finish those years in his biography. Now the author Mandla Langa has finished this corpus of Mandela. Here you will find a teaser, an excerpt of this book Dare not Linger.

Sequel to Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’

Nelson Mandela did not manage to finish his manuscript on his presidential years. ‘Long walk to Freedom’ highlighted his previous years, all the long years to his release from prison at Robben Island. The South African novelist Mandla Langa. We look forward to this book to learn more about his days in office. Those were … Continue reading Sequel to Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’

Zelda la Grange on typing up Mandela’s manuscript

These is still a flow of books on the first president of the post-apartheid South Africa. Nelso Mandela still rings true and his name is connected with a man who tried to build bridges and bring people together. He wrote books (with ghostwriters ?) and others wrote books on him and his political context. It … Continue reading Zelda la Grange on typing up Mandela’s manuscript


It was with some hesitation I started reading this book. A book using the name of Nelson Mandela could be a kind of hagiography.  A book describing a friendship with the very same Nelson Mandela could be an attempt to acquire an halo, due to the link with Mandela.  The feeling did not quite leave … Continue reading MANDELA MY PRISONER, MY FRIEND