‘Sloppy’ booksellers under fire

It could have been a joyous occasion all through the event. Two wellknown writers launched their books. Always a cause for celebrations. But there were other sounds at the meetings. Grumbling about the attitude of booksellers in Zimbabwe. What do they do to enhance the sale of books, not only by these two writers, but … Continue reading ‘Sloppy’ booksellers under fire

Die Vergangenheit ist gegenwärtig

Berlin, the lively town with a rich history in Germany, will be a center of African literature in the month of April. On the 28th day of this month several writers from the African continent will come together with spectators and participants to talk about the presence of the past. Read more about it here. … Continue reading Die Vergangenheit ist gegenwärtig

Niq Mhlongo reveals how he missed his own debut book launch

In this speech, given in China, by the writer cum journalist Niq Mhlongo he tells about the famous launch of his first book Dog Eat Dog. The launch of your book and even more your very first book is an important event. You know that your diehard fans will be there. Your close relatives, your … Continue reading Niq Mhlongo reveals how he missed his own debut book launch

19 pieces of writing advice

In this article you will find nineteen quotations from South African writers on the art of writing. What would be your advice?