When I read the name of Marlene van Niekerk, the South African writer, I think at once about that great novel ‘Agaat’. This novel ‘Memorandum’ is of a completely different character. Right away she threw me into the deep side with ‘Memorandum 3’. Where are number 1 and number 2? When I flipped through the … Continue reading review MEMORANDUM


As far as I could trace this is the debut novel by Lesley Lokko (Dundee, Scotland, 1964), a trained architect, who spend part of her childhood in Ghana, when she was 17 years young she went to a boarding school in the United Kingdom. After a lond career of studies and teaching positions at many … Continue reading review SUNDOWNERS

‘Africa exists in the world, and the world has always been in Africa’

The South African Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu talkes about her debut novel ‘The theory of flight’ (2018) with Jennifer Malec. She has written her dissertation, but writing a novel is a different way of writing. In this article you will find this interview. 

Fiction Friday: read an excerpt from Sally Partridge’s highly-anticipated fifth novel, Mine

It is a good tradition to have a Friction Friday. This time the attention is drawn to the South African writer Sally Partridge. She is on the way of publishing her fifth novel. Here you will find an excerpt of this novel titled ‘Mine’.   

An interview with Youssef Rakha

His novel The Book of the Sultan’s Seal got much attention and a wide readership. His book was published just before the downfall of the president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak. In this interview Youssef Rakha tells about this book and his other activities, for he cannot be locked into the literary world. 


This is an intuiging book by Henning Mankell, who is not only involved in solving crimes, but also in the African country of Mozambique. He writes childre’s books and plays. In this book he approaches life from a different angle again. Father Raul has landed in Mozambique to tell the people about the man who … Continue reading review BERÄTTELSE PA TIDENS STRAND