Good fiction is never far from the truth

The writer with the Somalian background, Nuruddin Farah, attended the famous Ake Festival. At this festival he was interviewed about his life and work. In this article you will find the result of it. 

the top ten contemporary african writers

I could not find the date of publication of this article on African writers. It is a top ten of contemporary writers. Tops are always debatable. So is this one. I noticed Wole Soyinka is missing. He won a Nobel Prize for Literature, no mean achievement, in 1986. Or J.M Coetzee, who won the prize … Continue reading the top ten contemporary african writers

literature has liberated

Here is an article that tries to give some insight in the liberating forces of literature on the African continent.  The influence of the writings of Chinua Achebe on that prisoner at Robben Island. But there is too much crammed into this article, so it is a bit superficial.  

this week in fiction: nuruddin farah

The Somali-born writer Nuruddin Farah recently published another novel, “The start of the affair” (do I hear Graham Greene in the title “The end of the affair”?). South Africa is one of the abodes of Farah, and the book is about a South African restaurant owner, with a completely different background. He (i.e. Farah) is … Continue reading this week in fiction: nuruddin farah

nuruddin farah: by the book

At this time of the day you will find an interview with the Somali writer Nuruddin Farah. Someone recently mentioned him as one of the African writers who deserve a Nobel Prize for Literature. He has written an extensive body of literature. And he did some reading as well and meeting other authors.   The … Continue reading nuruddin farah: by the book