This is the third book written by Bilal Parker that I have read. It is also the third book on the adventurers of the private detective Makana. He hails from Sudan where he worked as a detective for the police. After his wife and daughter died at a car crash he left his native country … Continue reading review THE GHOST RUNNER


This is the second book by Parker Bilal (pen name of Jamal Mahjoub) in his series about the private detective Makama. This man escaped from his native Sudan, worked as a policeman and now is a private detective in Cairo, where is considered an outsider. He lives on his own on a houseboat. His wife … Continue reading Review DOGSTAR RISING

il est comment le dernier roman de Parker Bilal ?

Two books by Parker Bilal adorn my bookshelves, I have read one of them and I enjoyed it. The other one just waits for the right time (many more books to be read 🙂 ).  Parker Bilal is a pen name used by the British – Sudanese writer Jamal Mahjoub. He uses this name for his … Continue reading il est comment le dernier roman de Parker Bilal ?


Parker Bilal, the writer with Sudanese roots, has written a series of books on the Sudanese detective Makana. This man has left his Sudan and moved to Cairo and here he works as a private detective.  We follow Makana in his daily chores on his boat, that he rents, his struggles with his landlady (boatlady). … Continue reading review THE GOLDEN SCALES

parker bilal and me

This is an article written by the Sudanese/English writer Jamal Mahjoub. He writes about his relationship with the crime-writer Parker Bilal, who launched a series of detective-stories, featuring a Sudanese detective working in Egypt. I have not yet read any of these books, but what I have read about them: these books seem to be … Continue reading parker bilal and me

interview with parker bilal

I could not trace a date for this short interview. In the interview February 2012 was a month of the past. Yesterday I started reading a book by Parker Bilal, the first title I had bought and his fist book trhat I am reading. Up till now I do enjoy it.  But, here you have … Continue reading interview with parker bilal