20.35 Africa: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry’s first issue published

Here you find information on a new anthology with poems from poets across the continent. It is a golden opportunity to learn more about new and old voices. 

With The Future, Okolie raises new storytellers, poets

The Nigerian lady Chidera Okolie is a lawyer by profession. At the very same time she is very enthousiastic about literature, especially poetry. She wants young people to develop a love for reading. To fulfill this aim she started initiatives to engage young people with literature and encourage them to make their own stories and … Continue reading With The Future, Okolie raises new storytellers, poets

“I write in French to tell the French I am not French.”

The colonial languages have left a deep mark on the continent. In the north of the continent Algeria was colonized by the French power. How did this affect the world of word, collected in books, novels, poetry? In this article by Marilyn Hacker we get an overview of the Algerian world of poetry in the … Continue reading “I write in French to tell the French I am not French.”

Selected Poem: Omdurman comes on the eight o’clock train

He already has four collections of poetry behind his name. That name is Kamal Aljizouli and he is Sudanese. To me it was interesting that his poetry has been translated into Russian and Ukrainian, not the most usual suspects. In this article you will find a translated poem written by Kamal.

Remembering David Rubadiri, the father of East African poetry

I have to admit that I did not know his name. I am just scratching the surface of African literature. A wide subject with depth.  Recently David Rubadiri from Malawi passed away. He made a name for himself and for poetry. In this article you will more about his legacy.