There’s something new on offer at these Nigerian elections – hope

Not just in Nigeria the upcoming elections are alive and well. Also in a far flung place place like the United Kingdom people talk about and discuss these elections. One of those, the writer Chubundu Onuzo, shares her thoughts in this article. Advertisements

Role of women in Mau Mau has been ignored

The Kenyan writer Kui Kitonga looked back into history to find role models for children. She delved into the times of the attempt to gain independence from the colonial masters in Kenya. The days of the Mau Mau were filled by men. Were women absent? In her research Kui discovered female warriors. Now she has … Continue reading Role of women in Mau Mau has been ignored

RIP Hugh Lewin (1939 – January 16 2019)

His life spanned many decades of political upheaval within and outside South Africa. He wrote books, was a journalist, trained journalists and he was active to oppose the forces of apartheid in South Africa. Now Hugh Lewin has passed away. In this article you will read about his life struggling for justice.     

Al-Shabaab’s Nairobi attack is a reminder that tit-for-tat terror never succeeds

Another vicious attack has hit the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The West Mall attack took place six years ago. Now another crowded place has become a place of death and blood and traumatized people. The writer Mukoma wa Ngugu gives his opinion.

I am a witness that Kenyans read avidly

Just the other day Morris Kiruga published his first book. Non-fiction. He does not have much patience with fiction books. He prefers the hard facts of the non-fiction. His book was titled ‘The man who sold a country’. Can you guess whom he was writing about ? In this article you will read more about … Continue reading I am a witness that Kenyans read avidly


A landlocked country (even the shores of the lake are receding) in the midst of the enormous African continent. This country carries the same name as the lake: Chad. From 1982 – 1990 Hissène Habré ruled this country. He was no stranger to power for during previous reigns he had been Prime Minister and Secretary … Continue reading Review of THE TRIAL OF HISSÈNE HABRÉ