Orixás for children

In the olden days there was a strong relationship between the West Coast of Africa and the country on the other side of the ocean: Brasil. People travelled from one place to the other side of the ocean. Architecture travelled from Brasil to West Africa and the remnants of it can be seen in the … Continue reading Orixás for children

Habib al-Sayah: Cracking ‘the Shell of the Taboo Around Talking about Algerian Jews’

Algeria as we know it has a long, very long history. One group has been living in Algeria for many centuries. They came from the east, the near east. They came from the north, from the Iberian Peninsula, after persecution. These jews settled in what is now Algeria and live there up till this day.  … Continue reading Habib al-Sayah: Cracking ‘the Shell of the Taboo Around Talking about Algerian Jews’

ancient manuscript pieced

This very old. A manuscript of about 4,000 years old. It was pieced together at the Cairo Museum, under the leadership of the Egyptologist dr. Wael Sherbiny. The text and the drawing are on a leather roll with a length of 2.5 meter. Read more about this beautiful find and the painstaking work of the … Continue reading ancient manuscript pieced

book for africa: prosperity ?

The number of christians is still growing in Africa. Both in the urban and the rural areas. Some of the growth is due to internal forces of pastors and other beleivers who take their faith seriously and live it in their daily lives.  Some of the growth is due to external forces that have come … Continue reading book for africa: prosperity ?


David du Plessis was a South African who rose to fame within Pentecostal churchcircles. He was one of the driving forces behind the improving relationships between churches worldwide (mainly World Council of Churches) and the fast growing pentecostal movement.  He was born in 1905  near Cape Town. His parents joined the movement that was started … Continue reading review A MAN CALLED MR. PENTECOST

growing up fearful in nigeria

I walked past the old mosque in Kano (northern Nigeria), many moons ago. The emir was a powerful man in those days. I remember the days of the revolt led by Maitatsine in the center of that very same old Kano. The Nigerian novelist Ukamaka Olisakwe writes about those days of old (but still very … Continue reading growing up fearful in nigeria