This is a collection of stories by the Egyptian writer Nagieb Mahfouz (or any other way of writing نجيب محفوظ ). This stories have been put together for a Dutch publication. The date of the publication is 1988, the very same year the writer was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. So in the wake … Continue reading DE MOSKEE IN DE STEEG


In the year 1942 the writer Albert Camus (a pied noir from Algeria) published his book L’Étranger (The Stranger). The protagonist (‘I‘) in this novel is Meursault, also a pied noir in Algeria. This Meursault kills man, a man without a name. His only ‘name’ is Arab. In the year 2013 the writer Kamel Damoud … Continue reading MEURSAULT, CONTRE-ENQUÊTE


A man on his bicycle rides down the road in his suburb. A car hits him and the results are dramatic. He is transported to a hospital and part of a leg has to be amputated. He refuses an artificial limb and moves back to his apartment. In this apartment Paul Rayment, a retired photographer … Continue reading SLOW MAN


At an early age Marie wrote a book, consisting of one sentence and covering over a hundred pages. This shows her ability in shaping the language she uses in her books. She is not afraid of long sentences. She is not afraid of complexities. She is not afraid of searching the mind of people, the … Continue reading EN FAMILLE


What a book! What a book, but what kind of book? I am not sure about it. Let me tell you what came to my mind. I saw a huge collection small yellow pieces of paper. On all pieces were scribbled notes. Notes on life. Notes on Mozambique. Notes on development aid. Notes on history. … Continue reading MOZAMBICAN MYSTERIES


This lady from the Netherlands, Bob Tadema Sporry (1912 – 1987), has travelled to many countries and she has written about it. Especially northern Africa was a regular destination for her and her husband Auke. The drawing on the cover was drawn by her husband who also did the artwork inside the book. This story … Continue reading DE GESLUIERDE MANNEN UIT DE SAHARA