Sembene in Kaduna

Is the writer (and cineast) Sembè Ousmane well known or is he a forgotten writer? His books have been translated in multiple languages, but have these books reached the English speaking parts of our globe? In this article the writer wonders what happened to the fame of this man. 


This is a story about a money order. Yes, a money order. This story shows the journey of a money order in Senegal. The piece of paper has been sent by Abdou who lives in Paris and who has made some money. The fortunate recipient is his relative Abrahima Dieng. The local postman delivers the … Continue reading LE MANDAT


The Senegalese writer Sembène Ousmane takes us to the country side of the West African country of Senegal. We reach the small village of Santhiyu-Niaye. The number of people living in this village declines, young people have moved to cities and places alongside motorways. Old men and women are left, and a very few young … Continue reading VÉHI CIOSANE OU BLANCHE-GENESE


This novel brings us back to the nineteenfifties in the harbourtown of Marseille, in the south of France. Diaw Falla has left his mother and siblings in Senegal and travelled to France, the colonial master. In the harbour of cosmopolitan Marseille he has odd day jobs to unload the ships that come in. It is … Continue reading LE DOCKER NOIR

these imaginative worlds

This is a nice article on the art of science fiction (scifi). Several African writers have written books in this style and in this article you will find more about it, not just the recent ones, but also those from a few decades ago.