Wars produce stories. Stories of death and disaster. Stories of lives torn apart. Stories of people who were changed for the remaining part of their lives. The civil war in Sierra Leone produced stories. One of these is the story of Ismael Beah. He for the first time encountered the civil war when he was … Continue reading review A LONG WAY GONE

‘My own books make me cry as I write – it’s pathetic’

There is a book she has underrated. It is book written by the Nigerian author Helon Habila. The book  was published in 2002. This comment was made by the Sierra Leonian Scottish writer Aminatta Forna. She made this comment and other comments about books in her life in this interview. 

Meet the writers: Aminatta Forna

This is a nice interview with the BBC, in the series Meet the Writers. The Scottish / Sierra Leonan writer Aminatta telles about her life, her parents, her writing and a few other things. Normally we read the words of writers, now you have the opportunity to hear the words of this writer. Take your … Continue reading Meet the writers: Aminatta Forna


My secondhand copy of this book (The Long Road) has been signed by the writer Bruce Cerew in 2010, in the Dutch town of Ede. He travelled a long way to get to The Netherlands. I assume that this book is an autobiography, in which Bruce writes about his life in Nigeria (where he was … Continue reading DE LANGE WEG

In Conversation with Hisham Matar

The followers of this blog who live in Washington (The United States of America) will have the opportunity to meet the writer Hisham Matar who will talk about his latest book, concerning the disappearance of his father, a Libyan. The meeting will be moderated by the British writer Aminatta Forna, she will have a moderating … Continue reading In Conversation with Hisham Matar


This book has been written by a Sierra Leone lady Mariatu Kamara. She is a survivor of the gruelling civil war(1991 – 2002) that ravaged this West African country.  One of the forces in this civil war was the Liberian Charles Taylor, who was later sentenced in The Hague (The Netherlands) to 50 years in … Continue reading THE BITE OF THE MANGO