review SLAVE

When the words Africa and slavery are connected usually it revolves around the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. This was a gruesome chapter in history. There are, however, many more sides to the connection Africa and slavery. We can look at the pivotal role Zanzibar played in the slave trade and the important role of Tippu … Continue reading review SLAVE

telling south sudan’s tales in a language not its own

The name of South Sudan is often connected with war and devastation and political wrangles. But there is more to this country. There is literature coming from this very young country. One of the writers is Stella Gaitano. She was born in the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum, but her parents came from the very south. … Continue reading telling south sudan’s tales in a language not its own

i write to expel my fears

Stories are told by writers in Sudan and South Sudan. Stories to pass on to a younger generation. Stories to expel fear, as one of the writers said. Read about these storytellers. 

the booksellers of south sudan

It is still the youngest country on earth.  But it is a country that is divided and torn apart.  A country that rekindled fire and fighting. No longer against their northern neighbour, but the people of this new nation have made their former fellowtravellers their foe.  In the midst of all this one woman stands … Continue reading the booksellers of south sudan

just a slip of the tongue

South Sudan gained its independence, but peace has not yet arrived in this new state. There is still a lot of strife, that is putting a strain on the country and peace for its citizens. David L. Lukudu comes from South Sudan. For many years he lived in other countries, he studied medicine, did training … Continue reading just a slip of the tongue

literary sudans: editor’s preface

The literature of Sudan and South Sudan is being traced back to the oral literature that has been handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. The stories were about heroes and battles. One writer traces the change from oral to written literature back to the seventeenth century.   So, if you want … Continue reading literary sudans: editor’s preface