On collective consciousness, memory and imagination

This is an interview with the Kenyan writer Troy Onyango. He did get some fame due to the Enkare Review. He wrote a story called Peregrination. This story found itself back on the longlist for The short story is dead, long live the shortstory!


This book is a collection of twelve stories written by the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Most of these stories have been published before, some under another title, one has even been published twice before finding itself in this collection.  Let me state first that I have enjoyed these stories very much. They have been … Continue reading THE THING AROUND YOUR NECK

TJ Benson’s Short Story Collection to be Published by Parresia

Some stories linger on, from one magazine to another. Some stories fade away after the first readers have moved to other shores. Some stories have been left behind and no one searches for the lost words. Now publisher Parresia has decided to collect and to put together between covers short stories written by T.  J. … Continue reading TJ Benson’s Short Story Collection to be Published by Parresia


This is a collection of stories by the Egyptian writer Nagieb Mahfouz (or any other way of writing نجيب محفوظ ). This stories have been put together for a Dutch publication. The date of the publication is 1988, the very same year the writer was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. So in the wake … Continue reading DE MOSKEE IN DE STEEG


Stories abound. People tell stories when they sip tea. When they meet friends in the streets. When they talk with their children at nighttime. Stories float in the air, walk over soily paths, hide in the innermost being op people. Chika Unigwe has decided to write down one of these stories that she met. A … Continue reading Bethlehem