This is the third book written by Bilal Parker that I have read. It is also the third book on the adventurers of the private detective Makana. He hails from Sudan where he worked as a detective for the police. After his wife and daughter died at a car crash he left his native country … Continue reading review THE GHOST RUNNER

review SPOOR

This is not the first book by South Africa writer Deon Meyer that I have read. Each book is a story filled with complexities in the set up of the developments. You have to be a careful reader and at best you should read the book in one go. For in the way you will … Continue reading review SPOOR

Alexander McCall Smith | ‘You have to know the places you’re writing about’

Just over twenty years ago he published his first story on that famous Ladies’Detective Agency. Now volume 21 is on its way. The series have brought success to the writer. He now has retired from the medical profession, but he has not retired from writing.  In this article Alexander McCall Smith will tell you more. 

review of COBRA

As far as I know books by Deon Meyer are not just books about a police corps and a criminal. There are lines to the political scene, the banking scene, the tech scene, the scene where alcohol flows freely. The story of COBRA starts at the famous Franschhoek in South Africa. This is apart of … Continue reading review of COBRA

review of 7 DAYS

Who was Hanneke Sloet? She was a corporate lawyer in South Africa. She was murdered in her own apartment. But who was she? With whom did she have contacts, at her work, outside her work? The case has been closed without finding the murderer. But the situation changes very rapidly when an unknown sniper decides … Continue reading review of 7 DAYS


Imagine a large wooden table. On it are a few hundred pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are scattered on the surface of the table. Some are placed upside down, other downside up. One way or the other there should be a connection between all these pieces. All of a sudden a hand with … Continue reading Review of BROKEN MONSTERS