The Fruits of Freedom in British Togoland

The people of Togo have seen the Germans come and colonize the country we call these days Togo. After the German defeat in the Great War the French and the British came and took over the legacy and these two countries divided Togo. Later the years of indepoendence came sweeping like a wind of change … Continue reading The Fruits of Freedom in British Togoland


Henriette Akofa relates her lifestory. This story starts in a small village in the West African country Togo. Here she is raised as the youngest of 6 children. Her father works as a police-inspector. This polygamous family is well-to-do. The family shuttles between the village in the countryside and the city Lomé. When she is … Continue reading review UNE ESCLAVE MODERNE

a pleasant addition to my books

This morning I went out to buy some milk. At the local shoppingcenter the front of the supermarket was filled with books. At other parts of the center there were many more books to be found. I had a quick look at a few stalls and I bought eight books. One of those who sold books … Continue reading a pleasant addition to my books

show me the magic

A good mixture: * an Irish travelwriter, named Annie Caulfield; * a taxi-driver named Isidore, divorced with two sons; * a country named Benin. The result is this book that is a very good read. Annie travels to Benin, she meets up with a taxidriver and he shows what she needs to see, he is … Continue reading show me the magic


What is like to be Afro-American in Africa? That is what Eddy wonders about. He does not entertain thoughts about his ancestry, like : I am able retrace the steps of my forefathers and foremothers. His journey starts in Paris, a town with many people coming from West Africa. They have gone to paris in … Continue reading review NATIVE STRANGER