An Architect of Dreams

The Nigeria-related Tope Folarin quotes extensively about a matatu journey in Kenya. It is a quotation from the ‘Devil 0n the Cross’. This is the start of an article by Tope Folarin, in this article he tells about his dream in Cologne (Germany) and his meeting with local writers.  Read this article here.  

Against Accessibility

Tope Folarin, an American with Nigerian roots, is not only a writer, but also a reader of novels from the continent Africa. In this article he writes about works by Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda and Imbolo Mbue. Do these writers relate (look at the first sentence of the debut of Chimamanda)? 

the african renaissance

Nana writes about the renaissance in African Literature over the last few years. She talks about the issue of language (Ngugi !), the identity of the African writer and the influence of the diaspora. 

excellent writing anywhere

He does not worry about the dictum ‘African writer’. He does not care and pretends not to know the meaning of the expression. He admits it, while asitting at a pool in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.    He was born in the USA and has grown away from the roots of his parents. Tope Folarin talks … Continue reading excellent writing anywhere

interview: tope folarin

Ofcourse, one could debate his presence in this series of interviews with African writers. Some attention is paid to this issue before the interview itself starts. The two talkers move in their minds to Berlin, where an international festival was held. Tope talks about the people (writers) he met. It must have been very impressive, … Continue reading interview: tope folarin

nouvelles voix du caine prize

In the Anglophone world there is due attention for the writers who have been linked to the Caine Prize. Now you can find here a voice from the Francophone world. Let these writers be heard in many languages.