Turning the ‘Curse of Ham’ into a blessing

What is your origin? Where do we come from and how does this origin define us? One of the books with a story of origin is the bible. Due to poor exegesis the idea emerged that Africans were cursed, due to their ancestor Ham. How do writers with African roots, from different parts of the … Continue reading Turning the ‘Curse of Ham’ into a blessing

Ugandan writer shortlisted for Commonwealth prize

It seems to me that writers from the African continent do love a good short story. Not only to read these stories, but also to write them. It is a good way of getting published, getting feedback, finding your way in the literary world and moving on. Harriet Anena, the writer of short stories and (short … Continue reading Ugandan writer shortlisted for Commonwealth prize


This book by the Ugandan writer Nakisanze Segawa takes us back to 1880’s in the kingdom of Buganda. So we have no need to discuss colonial or post-colonial literature, for we have entered the days of the kingdoms in the present-day Uganda. This period has not been chosen at random, for in this period there … Continue reading Review of THE TRIANGLE

Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi wins $165,000 Windham-Campbell Prize for her debut novel, Kintu

It was a great announcement. The Ugandan writer Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi has won a prestigious literary prize. It had been hard for her to get her manuscript published, but now her hard work and her perseverance has paid of. In this article you will get more information. Congratulations Nansubuga!