beasts of no nation and the child

The book Beasts of No Nation written by the Nigerian author Uzodinma Iweala caused a stir, in the sense that he wrote in an impressive way about the child-soldiers in West Africa. No his book has been turned into a movie and questions are being raised. What kind of image is attached to this problem … Continue reading beasts of no nation and the child

7 nigerian writers to watch out for in 2014

By Ego Aghedo on January 2, 2014, in GREEN BIRO, NIGERIA We have just seen the end of another great year and as we celebrate those who have made 2013 wonderful in the literary sense, I cannot help but make predictions about 2014. You see, these writers will rock 2014 and my predictions are made … Continue reading 7 nigerian writers to watch out for in 2014


What effect war has on people. Or should I say: what effect war has on young people The main character of the book is a child, a boy-soldier, somewhere in West Africa. The Nigerian writer several times uses the Hausa word ‘kai’, but civil war seems to be something of the past in Nigeria. We … Continue reading review BEASTS OF NO NATION