On the same page: interview & discussion with Vamba Sherif

The small village of Wageningen in The Netherlands is a world famous village for it houses the famous University of Wageningen. In the field of agriculture and life sciences it has a name in the academic field. Students from all over the world move to Wageningen to study.  At the campus a new initiative has … Continue reading On the same page: interview & discussion with Vamba Sherif

boekpresentatie zwart

This evening a group of writers from African descent will gather at a theater in the central Dutch town of Utrecht (not to be confused with the Utrecht in South Africa). They make use of the Dutch language, while living in Europe. We can call them Afropeans.  At this occasion they will launch a book … Continue reading boekpresentatie zwart

Alain Mabanckou te gast in de OBA

The famous Congolese writer Alain Mabanckou will descend on Amsterdam, the capital city of The Netherlands. He will be interviewed by Margot Dijkgraaf. Present will be also the Liberian writer Vamba Sherif. In the announcement one sweeping statement is not absent. It is mentioned that Alain spent his childhood in Africa. Well, Africa is not a … Continue reading Alain Mabanckou te gast in de OBA


The Liberia-born (1973) writer Vamba Sherif lives in The Netherlands. He is a man with a knack for languages. This book was written in Eglish and translated into Dutch and published in Dutch. I do not know if this book has been published in English as well.  In this book Sherif returns to his country … Continue reading THE LAND OF THE FATHERS

book presentation ‘the black napoleon’

The name of Napoleon (the French emperor) is familiar to me. Two hundred years ago he was defeated at the battle of Waterloo (present-day Belgium). But I did not know about a man nicknamed ‘The Black Napoleon’. Next month a novel on this man will be presented. The book has been written by the Dutch-Liberian … Continue reading book presentation ‘the black napoleon’