19 pieces of writing advice

In this article you will find nineteen quotations from South African writers on the art of writing. What would be your advice? 

southern african crime fiction

Could there be a relationship between declining crime and rising crime-writing? That would be very nice, because crime-writing in southern Africa is on the rise. Not just in southern Africa do the writers find readers, but they have a worldwide audience.  Here you find a general view of the rising crime. 

bad sex in fiction

It is an exceptional prize. Not for the best book, the best novel, the best children’s book, the best ….  It is about the worst. It is about stomach-crunching bad.  It is about bad sex in books.  Some writers know how to write these bits and pieces.  Even African writers have joined the fray.  I … Continue reading bad sex in fiction

wilbur smith interviewed

Earlier today  I wondered why I should be reading the books by Wilbur Smith. Now there is an interview with the prolific author and he seems to be one of the richest writers in the world. Richness does not seem to be a reason to me to read someone’s books.  Let me first read the … Continue reading wilbur smith interviewed