For one reason or another I appreciate books written by writers from northern African countries. I realized this when I was reading this book by the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra. I had read one of his other books Les Agneaux du Seigneur. This book is set in Algeria and it starts in the colonial days … Continue reading CE QUE LE JOUR DOIT A LA NUIT


In the days of Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Qaida, Al Shabaab and explosions and suicide attacks I read this book by the Algerian author Yasmina Khadra. The book is set in a small village in the countryside during the heady days of the islamistic movement FIS and its military wing.  We get to know the … Continue reading LES AGNEAUX DU SEIGNEUR

yasmina khadra dans le peau

Here is another article on the forthcoming publication by the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra (not his real name) (1955). His book is on the topic of the last night of the former president of Libya Mouammar Khadafi. This country of Libya is in great turmoil since the death of Khadafi. The present situation makes Khadafi … Continue reading yasmina khadra dans le peau

yasmina kadhra romance

There is a new book on the way, written by the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra (1955). His book is titled “La dernière Nuit du raïs” (or: The last Night of the president”. This president is the former ruler of Libya Mouammar Khadafi. Yasmina has written this book from the perspective of the late president. It … Continue reading yasmina kadhra romance

quand le roman noire sort de l’ombre

The African novel is leaving the shadows and takes it rightful place in the world of literature. This what it is about in this article that shows from the French speaking world some pointers to the world of literature in Africa, from the south to the north.