In the year 2006 the Dutch/Somalian writer Yasmine Allas (1967) travelled to her country of origin. When she was ten years old her father was killed. A few years later she decided to leave Somalia and in 1989 (or was it 1987?) she reached The Netherlands and settled there. Her grandfather was a sailor who … Continue reading Review EEN NAGELATEN VERHAAL


These days it is all over the news: the refugees and/or migrants that are moving into Europe. In a way this is nothing new, except for the scale. For during many decades people have left home and moved to Europe. One of those who left home is the writer and actress Yasmine Allas. She was … Continue reading Review DE GENERAAL MET DE ZES VINGERS

stumbling upon books

Last week we went for a short trip to a riverside town, with roots going back to the days of the Vikings and beyond. We wandered around in the silent streets, accompanied by a drizzling rain. Many shops had inviting displays of artefacts and clothes (in all sizes). Near the main church we stumbled upon … Continue reading stumbling upon books


The first time I saw Yasmine was in a garden at a house in Tanzania. The house was owned by a Dutch tv-icon. At his house he received Dutch writers. One of those writers was Yasmine (1967) from Somalia, who left her country after her father had been killed. Idil is the protagonist of this … Continue reading review IDIL, EEN MEISJE