How many people have travelled from Cape to Cairo over the years? Some have become famous, some have stayed in the background. Some have travelled on foot, some used a pushbike, others used a car. Ton van der Lee has joined the long list of travellers. For the writer of this book Africa was not … Continue reading review DE AFRIKAANSE WEG


On page 259 I saw it with my own eyes. The words: “Ex Africa semper aliquid novi”.  One of the forms in which this famous statement has rolled through history.  But let me start at the beginning. We do not start in Central Africa but in the British university town Cambridge. The explorer and missionary … Continue reading review The HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITIES’ MISSSION TO CENTRAL AFRICA

Glossing Africa

‘Habari yako?’ Could I make a start like this? Should I write a translation at the bottom of this page?  Should I put the translation between brackets? Or just leave at as it is?  All kinds of possibilities. So what will a writer / editor / publisher do with the odd word out?  Namwali Serpell … Continue reading Glossing Africa

Namwali Serpell: Being Zambitious

She teaches American literature to American Students, while coming from Zambia herself. This should not be a special things in a globalizing world. Just like an American teaching African literature somewhere at an African university or writing about it. The world is shrinking (in some ways) and we are getting closer. Even a man with … Continue reading Namwali Serpell: Being Zambitious