read a new short story

The task is to write a story within one hour. The length of the story should be between 50 and 500 words. The content of the story is a response to an image. The South African writer Ivan Vladislavic took up the challenge. 

death at 30,000 feet

The South African writer Ivan Vladislavic boarded a plane to fly to Cape Town. In the plane he saw the inflight ,magazine. It carried news about about death. Not the kind of topic you like to read aboard a plane, anything could happen on the way in the air. Ivan wrote an article about it. … Continue reading death at 30,000 feet

presenting ivan vladislavic’s

Do you like to read detectives? To follow the plot? Trying to figure out the way the story will develop? To be a bit more clever than the detective? Here you can find more information on a new collection of 101 detectives by the Ivan Vladislavic who recently won the 2015 Windham Campbell Prize. 

celebrated novelist back

He is now a celebrated author, this Ivan Vladislavic. He won an important literary prize and has now decided to haunt some of his old joints. He returns to the University of Wits (Johannesburg, South Africa) to help young prospective writers and teach them what he has learned in the many years of his writing.  … Continue reading celebrated novelist back