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Sixth edition of LLF starts Feb 24

So what does LLF stand for? Maybe your are thinking of of a Festival. You are right. One of the ‘L’s must be from literature. You are right for the second time. But what about the second ‘L’?

The other ‘L’ stands for Lahore, the capital city of Pakistan. Two writers from African descent, Ben Okri and Nadifa Mohamed, will be present at the LLF.  The word is spreading and you will find more here


Ben Okri’s powerful Grenfell Tower

The Tower of London burned. The flames coloured the tall building. The Tower stood in Grenfell, a multiple layer of people at the verges of society, the people huddled on staircases and sought ways out of the inferno.

Ben Okri wrote a poem about the poor in the Tower. 

‘The Famished Road was written to give myself reasons to live’

Can you remember the day that the famous book “The Famished Road” was published? The book was written by the Nigeria-born writer Ben Okri. The book was published 25 years ago and now Ben Okri looks back at his book and the reasons why he wrote the book. 

Read his thoughts here

Ben Okri


Ben Okri, the British/Nigerian, caused a stir when he tackled the topic of the genres and topics in African writing. Zukiswa Wanner revives our memories in the run to the forthcoming literary sessions at several Goethe Institutes, one among them in Nairobi.  Look out for the Afrofutures Festival, starting on October 31.

Nigerian author and poet Ben Okri. Okri’s recent public address entitled ‘Meditations on Greatness’ at this year’s ‘Africa Writes’ festival in London, sponsored by the Royal African Society. I say witnessed, but perhaps I should say endured. PHOTO | FILE


the spirit of africa’s people

What is next for Africa?

Ben Okri, from Nigerian origin, but living in the United Kingdom for many years paints a picture of what could be in store for Africa. He envisages enough creativity to overcome the problems that are facing Africans. 

meditations on greatness: ben okri

Here is an anouncement of a meeting with the Nigeria-born writer Ben Okri. You can meet him and listen to him and maybe even ask questions when you travel to London (UK), on the fourth of July. He will be at the British Library.  

Ben Okri (publishers photo)

the top ten contemporary african writers

I could not find the date of publication of this article on African writers. It is a top ten of contemporary writers. Tops are always debatable. So is this one. I noticed Wole Soyinka is missing. He won a Nobel Prize for Literature, no mean achievement, in 1986. Or J.M Coetzee, who won the prize in 2003. And what about Naguib Mahfouz, who won the prize in 1988? 

Everyone is entitled to his or her own list. 

What do you think? Who should have been included in the list? 

Chinua Achebe | © Prachatai/Flickr