Teju Cole: “We are made of all the things that we have consumed”

This is an interview with the writer Nigerican writer Teju Cole, the man of art and Open City. He published his Blind Spot. Surely a name to get questioned about and that is what happened. 

A second look at Teju Cole

The Nigerian / American Teju Cole shot to fame through his writing. There is, however, more to Teju Cole than holding a pen. He is an art historian. He is an avid photographer and he connect all this bit and parts of his life. Read here about an exposition in New York (USA) by Teju … Continue reading A second look at Teju Cole

My camera is like

The writer Teju Cole is much than a writer, he is an art historian, he is a photographer. He cannot be boxed in. In this article he tells about his relationship with his camera. He has recently published a book of photographs. On his Instagram account we have been able to see his work with … Continue reading My camera is like