Several books written by medical doctors from a European country spending time in one or another African country have found refuge on my bookshelves. I have not had the honour of shelving a book written by a nurse about his/her medical experience in an African country.  Steven van de Vijver, a Dutch medical doctor, is … Continue reading review AFRIKA IS BESMETTELIJK


How many books I have seen that tell the story of a mother (or a father) in an intercultural or interreligious marriage that is left without the children after a breakup of the marriage? I do not know.  This book is one of those stories about love and children and a breakup. It is set … Continue reading review AUCH OHNE MEINE KINDER

A doctor and a diplomat on the ebola frontline

The Ebola has been going around for at least several decades in West Africa. Congo / Zaïre has been one of the hot spots. Recently I read a book on an outbreak in Congo, long time ago.  The problem is still not over. Now a new book has come on the market. Getting to Zero … Continue reading A doctor and a diplomat on the ebola frontline

Hartebreker: Christiaan Barnard en die eerste hartoorplanting

Suddenly he shot to fame, worldwide. One man from South Africa, with his flashy smile. In a time that South Africa was a state in growing isolation one man found his way to the front pages of newspapers and magazines worldwide. His name was Christiaan Barnard (1922 – 2001). He was a surgeon at the … Continue reading Hartebreker: Christiaan Barnard en die eerste hartoorplanting


This is the third and last book by Choga Regina Egbeme (not her real name), a woman with a German mother Lisa and a Nigerian father. Her married mother met this Nigerian man David who led a church of the Black Jesus and had a harem in Lagos, Nigeria. Lisa leaves her husband and marries … Continue reading HINTER DER SCHLEIER DER TRÄNEN


You go to an office in Kampala (Uganda) and want to do your bussines, you get to a desk to get some information, to speak a certain person, to get papers, to get a signature, but the man with the key has gone! In other words, you just go home and try another day to … Continue reading THE MAN WITH THE KEY HAS GONE!