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HAIKU (29)

on the river flow 

through the land of crocodiles 

voyage into time

Zambia, Zambezi 


HAIKU (28)

on the sandy trail

my way to dusty Kano

since nomadic days

Nigeria, Kano

HAIKU (27)

the red dusted road

migrants look for green pastures

never ending sea

Africa, for those who tried

HAIKU (26)

on the deserted shores

of the forsaken Jade Sea

sleeping in the sand

Kenya, Lake Turkana

HAIKU (25)

down in the valley

on a hot and humid day

I enter Hell’s Gates

Kenya, Naivasha

HAIKU (24)

clad in tradition

the hills of the Kabaka

buzzing with newness

Uganda, Kampala

HAIKU (23)

forgotten border

bloodstained corpses in prayer

dreams shattered in sand

Kenya, Garissa