The English/Nigerian writer Marion Sikuade worked during her whole life in the field of education in Nigeria. And she has written a very nice book for young people. This book is about the problem of stolen art and artifacts and what to do about it. And especially about art from Africa.

In a beautiful way Marion describes the life of three young girls who study at secondary school. They go on a holiday to England where they stay with an aunt who is married to an Englishman.

When they are still in Lagos they notice something is not well with their grandfather who is king of the Yoruba. Granddad, who is severely sick, tries to make clear to his granddaughter that one of his important statues is missing.

An Englishman is in league with one of the courtofficials and they try to smuggle precious art with a religious and cultural meaning out of the country to England with the hope of selling it.

When the girls arrive in England they notice that the Englishman is there as well. The girls, with the help of a boy who lives next door, follow the man and then the adventure  gets underway very fast.

Marion Sikuade – Maryam and the stolen statue – 1987

maryam and the stolen statue


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